Of Faith and Shots…

May 18, 2009 at 1:05 am (Lynnette)


So it is a work in progress trying to get our team vaccinated against Typhoid fever, Hep A, & Tetanus…somehow even though it’s supposed to be right on top of our to do list, it’s triggering the worst in our “Hawaiian time syndrome”…

I should talk… I had to have a team member(Hitomi) drive me to my Tetanus shot, another member (Caryn) volunteer to pick up my Typhoid pills…and boy you should have heard me in the doctor’s office negotiating with the unfortunate nurse assigned to my case…“O this is worse than having a baby…will anyone hear me if I scream? explain to me again HOW you will be giving me the shot…” While Hitomi baked downstairs in the parking lot, the nurse tried her best to convince me she had a special painless technique; I insisted she gave me a preview of the process: “I will squeeze your arm so hard that it’s so sore from that you won’t even…..” She then whipped out the sryinge so quickly & stabbed me in the arm!  It was over, didn’t even feel it, and even went to Latin American Fitness Zumba class afterward (to keep the victimized arm in motion so the ache associated with a Tetanus shot wouldn’t set in).

Or should I have opted the faith route to trust the Lord’s protection against the pestilence of this earth….?  Go figure!

Jessica’s experience was a little different , Michele simply picked her up, took her by surprise, got it over with & Jess went to bed when the sun went down till the next morning!  But I wonder if Michele & Rob have gotten their shots??????


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