The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind – Bill Johnson

March 25, 2009 at 7:59 pm (Book Reviews)

any care to review this?


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Too Small to Ignore – Wess Stafford and Dean Merrill

March 25, 2009 at 7:57 pm (Book Reviews)

Co-authored by the president of  Compassion International

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What an amazing book! I heard Rob & Michele read this in a day or two….i took a little longer, took it everywhere with me & when I did get into it, the stories and testimonies really grabbed my heart!

Upfront, personal, Wess shares honestly & in depth about the value God places on children (over church history, children have too often been brushed aside); & we wonder why generations are raised up that turn to the world: because we have not made the efforts to show them  God’s heart for them & that they truly matter.

He tells of his journey, as a missionary’s kid, the things from his childhood that  led him to his present place, the abuse he’s endured, & the eventual place  where forgiveness was found & his healing  completed.  He challenges readers to take action no matter where we are,  implants in us something that God can begin to stir…Get it, Read it, Allow it to soak in, Pass it on~ Lynnie

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Loving Our Kids on Purpose – Danny Silk

March 25, 2009 at 7:49 pm (Book Reviews)


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This was a great book that we picked up at the last Laulima conference.  With “love” as a focus, Danny & Sheri Silk talked about the paradigm shift needed to raise our children with a relationship oriented versus a performance oriented outcome.  Grasping the ablility to make the heart-to-heart connections with our children, parenting through grace & teaching them the ways of our Heavenly Father will point them toward Him.

Practical parenting tips were also given a new breath of life.

I was really moved by their honesty & transparency as they shared experiences from their personal family life.  This book is a great companion to the CD version as it can be difficult to scan through the various discs to search for a particular sections.


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