Mae Sot

July 3, 2009 at 1:21 am (Terry)

At the Burmese/Thai Border

At the Burmese/Thai Border

Hey Everyone!!

We made it to Mae Sot, North Thailand. It took 8+ hours to get there by truck. The team took two vehicles, a van and a pick up truck. I was in the truck. It was an adventure!!

The truck I was in was pulled over about three times. We had to show our passport. The police at the checkpoints once mistook me and a couple of my teammates as Cambodian. That was funny…but not at the time. There are Cambodians who try to smuggle drugs. 😛

The first three days was pretty much traveling, but today, Friday, July 3, Thailand time, we are doing our first missions outing. I’ll try to check back in from time to time. PLEASE KEEP US IN PRAYER!!

Sawatee Krup!!


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What a Weekend

June 29, 2009 at 6:07 pm (Terry)

Well, we’ve survived the weekend!!  It seemed like there were endless things to do, places to go, and an enemy to fight (spiritually)!!  Now the day to leave is finally here!!

We were told that if you come to Thailand with a fever, you’ll end up in quarantined for a week.  Well, I started coming down with something on Saturday night, and Sunday

There's goofy Terry on the right! ~ from Lynnie

There's goofy Terry on the right! ~ from Lynnie

morning, it got a little worse.  Well, at the end of service, I went up for prayer to receive healing!!  I tell you what, the enemy never stops playing mind games!!  Well, except for my throat, I’m feeling fine!!  My temperature is 99.2.  Please pray for complete healing!!

After packing last night, I went to bed.  At 5am, I woke up feeling a little restless, and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I asked God what should I read.  He said Psalm 119.  You have to understand that this past week, I’ve been praying for more of a deeper love and understanding with God.  I believe that God was speaking to me through this scripture.  Once I got done, there was a sense of peace and I was able to sleep for at least another hour.

It’s time to finish some things around the house.  I hope to share all that God did there in Thailand when I get back!!

God Bless,


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April 7, 2009 at 7:22 am (Terry)

passport2Wow!!  I just got my passport!!  I went to the post office to get it on March 26th, and it’s here already!!  I am truly amazed!!  I wonder what He has in store for all of us on the team…stay tuned  🙂

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