Bet you didn’t know this!



Did you know that…

  • Thailand is known as the “land of smiles” for its warm and friendly people
  • “Bangkok” means “Village of Olives”
  • The Thai alphabet is the second largest in the world…
  • Bangkok is the hottest capital city in the world…
  • Bangkok’s full name in Thai is the longest city name in the world…
  • There is an average of 5.2 cockroaches per Thai house!
  • Most Thai people didn’t have last names till after 1913…
  • Mother’s & Father’s Days are celebrated on the King & Queen’s birthdays…
  • It’s illegal in Thailand for men and women to go bare-chested in public…
  • It’s illegal to leave your house without wearing undergarments…
  • It’s been illegal since 1939 to NOT stand-up for the national anthem…
  • The King of Thailand was born in the USA…
  • It’s impolite to point to something with your foot…
  • It’s impolite to touch a Thai on the head if you are not close friends…
  • It’s popular to eat ice-cream served in bread (like a sandwich)…
  • Not every Thai eats insects or spicy food..

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…only about 1% of the population in Thailand are Christians!!

…The message is unchanging, “Go ye into all the world”
And share the love of Jesus far away or door to door
You see, just like somebody told you that Jesus loves you so
You must tell someone, who will tell someone,
Until the whole world knows
That each one can reach one
As we follow after Christ we all can lead one
We can lead one to the Savior
And together we can tell the world that Jesus is the way
If we each one reach one
So will you go and labor
Will you hold high your light
One by one and two by two
We can win our world for Jesus Christ…

Lyrics from EACH ONE REACH ONE ~ Babbie Mason


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